Bob Hardie, W5UQ (ex W5EUQ)
Plus Information, links, and pictures about Amateur Radio

Servicing for SPE Expert Linear Amplifiers
Models 1K FA, and 2K FA
Have been repairing the 1K and 2K amps for over 3 years.

I have been SPE factory trained on all Expert Linear Amplifier models. To stay current, I visit the factory often for more training.
Have been doing repairs for the US and western hemisphere for over 3 years. With over 50 years in RF Servicing, my background is extensive including solid state repair since the 70's. Talk to others that have used me for repair. That is something that makes me very proud.

Bob Hardie-W5UQ.
Repairs in my shop in Texas

Most repairs are made typically within a day or two, depending on severity.

Contact me at: 281-259-7877 shop or 281-725-2113 Cell.

My business location is a suburb of Houston.

Bob Hardie-- W5UQ
28103 Nichols Sawmill Road
Magnolia, TX 77355.

Please contact me before shipping if possible.

Please-SAVE your original boxes

They are designed for shipping your amp safely. Thanks.

I retired recently as Chief Engineer at Ch.38 TV station, WTTA TV, in Tampa, FL after taking it into the "digital world of TV". And I worked in RF repairs for AM, FM, TV, Microwave and Satellite. Plus I constructed several AM, FM and tV broadcast stations.
Served as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Tampa Bay Society of Broadcast Engineers.
I've been a member and supporter of the SBE for over 30 years.
Past SBE National Board Member and past Chapter Chairman of Tulsa, Kansas City and
Tampa Bay Chapters. CSRTE Lifetime Certified, 8VSB Cert.,
held FCC First Class Radio-telephone License since 1958 (Now General FCC License)
and hold Amateur Radio Extra Class License. Licensed since 1954.


GROUNDING ARTICLE for Hams, "Grounding made simpler", along with drawing,
can be obtained by emailing me.
E-mail W5UQ___

Bob/W5UQ & XYL Elva.........................

Bill/W5SJ & Bob/W5UQ. Special friends since about 7 yrs old. Got our calls at about 13 & 14 yrs old.

E-mail W5UQ___

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